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Friday, February 22, 2013

Of Windmills, Light House, Beach and Empanadas

Those are the four things that best describes Pagudpud.  You could also add the gruelling 12-hour ride, ugh my aching back and behind!  Not good for a 30ish-something diva.

First stop, for breakfast, the famous empanadas.  Perfect way to fill the tummy.  Hot, crispy and yummy.  Not to forget oily, haha.  Best eaten with spicy sukang Iloco.

One fresh egg, papaya bits and longanisa

Hot empanadas to warm the tummy.

Romantic/nostalgic light house.  My dream to see one, checked and crossed.  I would have loved to climb the top, but my legs will not allow me.  Again, I blame my lack of physical activity for not completing this feat, tsk..tsk..

So romantic.
 I saw the sign!  Look closely ...

Look ma, a rainbow!


Them windmills are fabulous, just looking and marvelling at the mega structures was what I have travelled 12 hours for.  Really awesome!

Kaya pala malamig ang laking electric fan.

40-50 pesos, depends on how you haggle

February may not be the perfect time to go to the beach as it is very cold and windy.  Nevertheless, cant help but dip my toes (just my toes, thank you very much) into the icy waters.

What.A.View.  I could wake up to this everyday, if only we have this in Manila.

Patapat Bridge
I would love to go back again, if not for the 12-hour ride.  Maybe by plane?  Had so much fun with mama, what an adventure.


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