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Monday, March 11, 2013

Mini Haul

My mom and I were so bored last week.  We had no plans whatsoever.  We’re supposed to just spend a lazy Sunday sleeping and catching up on my readings.  Jelllybelly asked us if we wanted to go to the mall and so we did.  We went to Forever21 in Makati.  At first, we were just looking around.  No plans to buy.  BUT, they had a crazy mark down sale.  I couldn’t resist.  We also went to Landmark just to kill time and I got something there also.

Here’s what I got from Forever21 markdown sale:

Light pink shirt with soft lace sleeves, 750+ pesos regular price, marked down at 50%.  Even if it is summer already, the long sleeves is made out of soft lace, you won't feel hot wearing this one.

Another one in hot pink.

Accessories, not part of the sale. For a formal event coming up, priced around 700-800 pesos, cant remember.
Another option for the upcoming formal event, priced at 505 pesos. 

From Landmark:

Mint green lace top, priced at 249 pesos, loved the color.  I didn't realize that I seem to like lace tops lately.

Jeggings, around 279 pesos. I was just gaya-gaya as my mom got one for herself.

It was a good thing that we went out that day, thanks to my Jellybelly who likes to spoil me, teehee!


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