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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh, Mr. Sun!

Last Monday, Jellybelly and I went to my alma mater, DLSUMC.  We had to get my sister’s yearbook as well as her and my alumni card.  We graduated eons and light years ago, haha and it’s only now that we had the time to claim our cards and yearbook.

Jellybelly and I figured it will be easier if we commute, as it is only one FX ride away, that’s what I thought.  Can I just say, ang init sa Cavite, grabe lang!  We were supposed to go early, early morning (6 a.m.), but because we overslept, we left Alabang around 9 a.m. already.  We arrived around 11-ish and the sun, oh my, the sun was scorching.  Because we overslept, I didn’t have enough time to prep myself, forgot to wear sunscreen, arrrrgghh!!  It didn’t help that the building for the college of PT was situated far, far, away from the old building that we used to go to.  I also forgot to bring my umbrella, again, arrrrgghhh!!! 

Going back to my school brought back fun, pleasant memories.  It’s where I found my best friends for life.

We went home after lunch (had a late lunch at Festival mall), needless to say, Mr. Sun really shone hard and toasted me that day.  It was tiring and hot, hot, hot.  Summer is here folks.

p.s.  I didn’t even get to take pictures of the new PT building because it was so hot.  Those two were the only pics I took, under the shade.


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