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Monday, March 25, 2013

My Girly Kit

Now that I have a What’s in My Bag post, I would like to share my What’s in My Kikay Kit.

I really am a simple girl.  I don’t put a lot of makeup, simply because I don’t want to make my acne worse now that it is healing up.  Also, since I work at home now, I rarely go out except for chores/errands like going to the groceries, trip to the bank, doctor’s appointments and malling.  It is also summer time that’s why I feel if I put a lot of makeup on, it will just melt anyway due to the heat.

So here it goes …

My kikay kit is a freebie pouch from Clinique.  I love that it's pink and oh so girly.  Pink spray bottle that contains alcohol.

How it looks inside.

1.  Kleenex tissues.
2.  Wet wipes freebies from the plane (yes, i try to get these everytime as i find it handy).
3.  Tangelo Orange from Bath and Body Works hand antibac (truly smells like oranges).
4.  Country Chic lotion from BBW.
5.  Cheap butterfly clips.

6.  Fashion 21 Two-Way cake with tea tree oil (nice buildable coverage, keeps oilies at bay, good price less than 200 pesos).
7.  Old Sanrio mirror and comb (i have short hair).
8.  Giga massage rub (i am very mahiluhin, smells like mentos candy).

9.  My lips eat cherry lip and cheek tint.
10.  Rosebud Salve (my lips love this).

11.  Clinique chubby stick in Mega Melon.
12.  Majolica Majorca lip magiex in PK211.

13.  In2It waterproof pen (good for doing the wing tip).
14.  Mascara from Clinique (I use any mascara I get from Clinique bonus).

So that's about it.  I just keep it simple.  Less stress, more beauty!


Eva said...

I love BBW products. :)

Whatever Eva

Kittykatmiyaw said...

me too! thanks for dropping by.

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