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Friday, March 22, 2013

What's in My Bag

The chismosa in me always wonder what other girls are putting in their bags.  Girls who pretty much bring everything with them (but still keep them organized).  I wonder how they are able to carry their purses, hmm.  Nonetheless, I very much enjoy reading “What’s in my bag” posts.

Before I share mine, I’ll share a little secret.  I usually hate changing bags.  I try to wear out and make the most of my bags before I let them retire.  My mom hates this habit.  She wants me to match my outfits with my bags, but I’m too lazy to do that.  So just to please her, I try to rotate my bags weekly or sometimes even monthly (if she won’t nag me, haha)

I am also a girl who won’t bring the entire house with me.  I try to limit what I bring, because I easily get tired (brought on by old age and inactivity).  I am also a regular forgetful Jones that I tend to lose/misplace my things that’s why I only need the basics when I go out.  Notice I don’t have any set of keys with me, not even a proper wallet, because I tend to lose those.  I am such a silly goose.

So here are the contents of my purse…


H&M crossbody satchel.  This size is just perfect for me.  I love that its slouchy, giving it a relaxed vibe.  Gift from my mom.

How it looks inside.

With my iPad – minimizes the need to bring a notebook and pen (but I still carry a pen, it’s just that it got lost again!)

Kikay kit and alcohol placed in an atomizer (because it looks much better in a pink spray bottle don’t cha think?).

1.     cheap coin purse that Jellybelly bought from Bangkok
2.     Michael Kors sunnies from my sister
3.     Envirosax (because Sa Munti bawal ang Plastic!)
4.     Leather card holder (this has been with me since 2006)
5.     Mini fan I got for less than $1 in HK.  I would die from the heat without this lifesaver.

 My rosary, a gift from a tita who went to Lourdes.

Not in the photo is my Nokia phone (charging) that sadly needs to retire soon.  My kikay kit, I will put in a separate post (well nothing special, nothing much in there also, haha), but I just want to, until then.


Romila Marie said...

I love what's in my bag posts din! Hehe very nosy.

Kittykatmiyaw said...

Yeah, ako talaga i'm curious lang hehe!

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