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Thursday, April 25, 2013

15 Minutes at Thunderbird Resort

Touring La Union wouldn’t be complete without seeing the world-class Thunderbird Resort at Poro Point.  It sure feels like you are transported in another place.  They patterned their structures like that of Santorini, Greece as well as the white and blue color theme.  It provides a stunning vista of the South China Sea.  Aside from the beach, there is a pool, their own restaurant, golf course, nice rooms and beside it is their casino.  As far as I know, a couple of movies and weddings were also shot here.

Chichay loved running around the grass barefoot.  So cute!

As much as we wanted to stay here, we only had limited time.  We were only able to squeeze 15-20 minutes to do photo ops because of my sister’s short vacation.  My brother-in-law who loves to golf plans on staying here next time.

I will let the pictures do the talking...


Sumi Go said...

I've heard a lot of nice things about Thunderbird Resort. Hopefully I'll get to visit it too some time soon :)

Kittykatmiyaw said...

The place is nice and well maintained. I don't know if they improved on the menu though, last time we went there food was bland and overpriced.

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