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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Farmville at La Union

Included in our itinerary was a stop-over at La Union.  We visited my 94-year-old grandpa.  He was so happy to see us, as well as my niece, his great-granddaughter.  It was a sweet moment when Chichay hugged and called him “Umppa.”

My grandpa was so excited to show us his farm.  I have never been to his farm as I am not sure I could hike because I am so lazy, haha.  It would be a shame not to accept my grandpa’s challenge, so I agreed and went to his farm/mountain.  He leads an active lifestyle.  We are all praying he will be given good health always.  He used to live in the states, but he and my grandma decided to stay in La Union for good.  Unfortunately, my grandma passed away (we miss her so much).  My grandpa keeps his days busy with hiking, overseeing farm work and napping these days.

He calls his farm/mountain Mahogany mountain.  He planted hundreds of mahogany trees, although there are fruit-bearing trees as well like avocados, mangoes, chicos and some bananas.  There are also a couple of tobacco plant.  Other vegetables as well, all of which go straight to the table, so you only get to eat the freshest vegetables there is (yummy!).

We also spent a few hours at the beach, got to experience sunset and swam afterwards.  I guess it is better to swim after sunset as the water was warm and it wasn’t scorching hot, as compared to when you swim during the morning to midday where you would get sunburn.  Chichay only got to wade for a few minutes as she was afraid of the waves and didn’t like the texture of the sand I guess because she didn’t want her foot touching the sand.


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