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Friday, April 12, 2013

Good Friday 2013

Being Catholics, every Lent, Jellybelly and I go to Sta. Rosa Laguna for our good Friday pilgrimage.  The day is spent fasting and we pray and thank God for dying on the cross for us and for washing away our sins with His blood.  We also go there to watch the procession.  Here are some of the pictures I got, sorry for the blurry images as there were a lot of people and it was impossible to take good shots.


Metatronik said...

Good to know that you were able to give time for Jesus and God during Good Friday as a Catholic that you still give importance for that day. LOL! not in my case all I did was my freelance work in Odesk and didn't even mind the Good Friday thing. I just joined the rosary but after that back to normal. Although when I was a kid I used to join the procession as I want to be involved in any Catholic practices to the point that I am so patient enough to walk so long and like the feeling of joining the parade. Then there were times that some members of the Church are asking my Dad to borrow his pick up so that they can use it for procession then my Dad will be the one to drive, well he is also a member of Church. So what I did was to join with him in the procession but I was seated at the front which is beside the driver's seat. LOL! Instead of walking with people. But now I am no longer dong that.

Kittykatmiyaw said...

Our heartfelt simple prayer is enough. When i got sick, hubby and i made a promise that we'll honor Good Friday that is why we visit and make time.

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