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Monday, April 15, 2013

Lapog, Ilocos Sur

As part of our trip, next stop was at a town called Lapog.  This is where my brother-in-law was born and grew up (until he was 12 and then migrated in the states).  We stayed at his aunt's rest house and did nothing but eat fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables.  Their place was so relaxing and cool.  Everything was so fresh from the food to the air.  We didn’t get to swim in the river though, as it was deep.  Too bad as well as the pump for their pool broke down, otherwise it would have been so perfect.  We just decided to laze around and sleep under the trees either on a hammock or on wide benches.

Our view:

The resort was rustic, relaxing, recharging:

The minute food was served, everyone wolfed down the sinigang na bangus, inihaw na tilapia, shrimps, pinakbet and lechon kawali.  Everyone had a healthy appetite, hmm, must be from all the fresh air.


Some kind of seaweed:

Super sweet mangoes:

Freshly picked singkamas that was so juicy:

The trip was so worth it.  Instead of feeling tired because of the long trip, we came home feeling recharged.


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