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Sunday, April 14, 2013


I have been so happy the past week.  My sister, brother-in-law and niece came home from the states for a 9-day vacation.  It was an unexpected vacation because my sister is 5-6 months pregnant and they were unsure if their company would grant them leave.  A really short vacation because they don’t want to max out on their leaves as she is due in July and would have to take her maternity leave.  Nonetheless, it was a fun-filled week with whirlwind of activities.  Prior to them coming home, we had to help out my mom clean out the house, do groceries, etc.  We never felt tired from all those activities because we were so excited for my niece’s first time PI trip.

To date, we still haven’t opened some of the Balikbayan boxes they had given, but some of the things they gifted me were:

Chocolates – my favorites, although the big bag of Lindt Lindor Truffles (assorted) went straight to my Jellybelly’s tummy as well as 2 boxes of Whoppers, Pepperidge Farm Milanos and Chessman.  What’s left are Whoppers, Godiva, Dove, Ghirardelli, Toblerone and tootsie roll.

My supply of Aveeno lotion and a bottle of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume.

And the best pasalubong ever – holding and kissing my 1-year-old niece Chichay, love, love, love!  A nephew is on the way too.  I hope I will be the best Auntiemommy to them in the whole wide world.


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