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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yakimix ATC

For our first family dinner (my mom, Jellybelly, niece, sister, brother-in-law and our reliable manang and driver), we treated them to Yakimix at Alabang Town Center.  We went there on a Thursday and did not make any reservations.  We were not expecting it to be full being it a workday and waiting time was about 15 minutes.  I was not able to take good pictures as there were a lot of people.

Most of the food we ate were sushi, sashimi, some of their cooked viands (Korean) and we grilled some meat.  My verdict for Yakimix, had always been that it offers good food, but they could still improve on cleanliness, minimize waiting time for refilling food/drinks.  For dessert, we just ate ice cream as the staff did not refill the dessert station quickly.

So far, the best branch of Yakimix in terms of service would have to be at Podium.  Other branches I have tried were at Mall of Asia, Greenbelt, and Hobbies of Asia in Pasay (the worst:  Too crowded, the servers were impolite and too slow in refilling food).

It was an experience for my brother-in-law as he enjoyed grilling.  We did not stay long as we had to deal with my jet lagged sister and her family (my niece Chichay, slept through dinner mostly).


avagabondmom said...

I'm curious of Yakimix, I read good reviews about it most of the time. I hope I'll like it even if I'm not a big fan of Japanese food, I might miss the best items there!

Kittykatmiyaw said...

The food is better at Sambokojin. It has Japanese, Chinese, Korean dishes. Same concept as Yakimix, but better. ATC is just nearer to our place that's why we chose to eat at Yakimix as opposed to Sambokojin at SM Southmall.

the budget fashion seeker said...

i tried eating at yakimix 2x (both in their podium branch) and i agree that they still need to improve the waiting time for food refill. lagi ako nauubusan ng tempura haha!

Kittykatmiyaw said...

i agree! they should have someone look over the "bestsellers" para laging nare-refill.

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