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Monday, April 29, 2013

Zest Air

Before I continue with my Boracay posts, I will tell you about my Zest Air experience.  So, we booked Manila to Kalibo flight with Zest Air, Lite N Eazy fare.  I think my mom paid not more than 1500 pesos for each of us (one way).  Travelling Lite N Eazy meant no check-in baggage.  Only 7 kgs of handcarry was allowed.  Her friends wanted it that way so that they wouldn't have to wait for their luggages, and they wanted to be on the go.  

Our flight was scheduled April 20, departure at 4 p.m., but for an unexplained reason we got a call from Zest Air telling us that the flight to Kalibo was delayed and rescheduled at 8:45 p.m.  We were so excited to go, but that put a little damper in our spirits.  An Aklanon friend of my mom was supposed to attend his alumni homecoming and we were supposed to witness it.  Because of the delayed flight meant that we would arrive at Kalibo around 9:45 p.m., too late for the homecoming.  The only saving grace was that the flight went smoothly.

We were not also able to secure a homebound ticket immediately as my mom's group did not have specific return dates (they might want to extend to go someplace else, and other reasons).  The prices of the airfare varied and kept getting expensive by the day.  Our return ticket was at more or less 3400 pesos each (Lite N Eazy), a big difference from our original air fare.  Good thing though was that our flight back to Manila was on time.

Will I book a Zest Air flight again?  My answer would be it will have to be my second choice and if I would get a really good price on my return to Boracay (I really don't have a choice right?  I mean all carriers in the Philippines are notorious for being late, -ahem(PAL and Cebu Pacific)-.


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