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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Aklan Side Trip 2: Christmas Cottage

Christmas Cottage houses the Precious Moments doll and figurines.  The displays though were kinda old and the cottage smelled musty.  I do hope they do something about it.  Nonetheless, I still love it as it adds character and value especially to the figurines (which by the way are expensive).

The Cottage, sorry for my silly pose (i was hot and cranky)

Inside the cottage


Some more

And another

Okay, I hope i didn't overload you with much cuteness.

 P.s. Jellybelly and I were supposed to have a Precious Moments themed wedding, but decided to ditch the idea because the figurines were so expensive.  I was also too lazy to do Precious Moments crossstich.  We could do this may be on our 10th year? Who knows right. :)


the budget fashion seeker said...

hi sis!You visited the mansion!inggit ako haha!
i was initially planning on visiting that place although i checked that the overnight stay is a little pricey? Or you can do a day trip?

Kittykatmiyaw said...

Pwede naman day trip, although nothing much to see na. Medyo cranky na ako coz it was really sooooo hot kaya unti pics lang.

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