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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Boracay Chronicles 3: Island Hopping

Going to Boracay isn't complete until you do all sorts of water activities.  There are many to choose from like island hopping/snorkeling, fly fish, banana boat, parasailing, kite surfing (not for the faint hearted), paraw sailing, reef walking and a whole lot more.  My mom and I as well as her friends chose the less heart stopping ones.  We decided on doing island hopping.  There are many locals who offer this activity.  Being in a group of 16, we were given a big discount.  We rented the boat for 1000 pesos or so only.  The boat just basically went around the island of Boracay.  We got to see the different resorts from afar as well.

Puka beach

My favorite part, swimming.  Yes that's me, the homey diva:


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