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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pagudpud Rewind Part 2: Dragon fruit Plantation, Lighthouse, Kapurpurawan and Windmills

As promised, here's part 2 of my Pagudpud adventure.

We passed by many dragonfruit plantation.  My mom and her friends wanted to buy the fruit as it is quite expensive here in the metro, and our guide led us to one of the biggest there is.  I forgot the name though, but they charged us 10 pesos entrance fee.

These cacti are actually the dragon fruit plants.  It was alien-like and a bit scary (that's just my weird feeling).

This is the fruit.  I have eaten these a couple of times already as my mom buys these because they say it has high antioxidant.  The inside varies, sometimes the flesh is whitish, pinkish or sometimes even purplish.  The taste resembles that of a bland kiwi (sorry for the description, haha).

Moving on ...

The lighthouse.  Very romantic and scenic.

I would have loved to climb the top, but my legs can't carry me, haha!

Next, we went to Kapurpurawan rock formation (kapurpurawan is an Ilocano word, puraw which means white).

These pictures were taken at a viewing deck.  You can actually go down the hill, but due to time constraints, we deferred (another reason to go back and see this rock formation up close).

I was very excited to see the windmills, so off we went.

These mega structures are awesome!

We stayed at a private resthouse owned by mom's friend.  Crossing the main road is the beach.  You can hear the crashing waves, it is somehow soothing and can lull me to sleep.  The air is very fresh and the scenery of the rest house so lush.

Part 3 to follow ...


Sally Mae said...

i was not able to visit that dragon fruit plantation. I hope I can go back to ilocos to see those other places that were not part of our itinerary the last time we went there :)

Kittykatmiyaw said...

This stop was not part of our itinerary. My mom and her friends just wanted to buy pasalubong. Oh, i forgot to add that aside from the fruit that they sell, they also sell ice-cream and plant cuttings.

Eva said...

I miss Ilocos! Wish I can go back soon. :)

Kittykatmiyaw said...

Me too :)

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