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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Project: Perfect Eyebrows

For the longest time, I have always wanted to learn how to fix my eyebrows.  I maintain it by having my favorite hairdresser shave it/shape it for me whenever I get my haircut, and then I just maintain it my using a slanted shaving tool, but there are times when I wish/envy girls with perfect brows.  So, I came up with project perfect eyebrows.  To begin, I watched several YouTube tutorials, so the quest for the perfect drawing tool for me to practice on began.

Enter - Etude House.  To be honest, I have never been a fan of Etude House.  The first product I bought from them was their facial wash, Happy Tea Time gave me breakouts.  The next I've tried was their Precious Mineral BB Compact and I experienced breakouts too.  BUT, I was happy with their brushes and their nail polishes. 

I was willing to give Etude House a chance, as I know I would be able to find a reasonably priced eyebrow pen, and so I did.

I am so loving the packaging now - so cute and so pink.

Ta-dah the Drawing Eyebrow (Jellybelly finds the name funny!)

The shade is in 01 - dark brown, the only shade available at the MegaMall branch.  It has a triangular end, perfect for drawing in/filling in eyebrows.  It is retractable, so no sharpening required. 

Did I say it's dual ended?  Well, the other end is a spoolie/brush.  Props to them for adding this tool.

The color is buildable, nice shade of dark brown so as the eyebrows wouldn't look too drawn in/fake looking.  I only tried this once, on a very hot/humid day and it stayed put.  My eyebrows looked nice (at least for me), but I have a long way to go, practice, practice.  And the price - so affordable at 128 pesos.  This pen is good for beginners like me.


Romila Marie said...

I like this one! The color's a bit too dark for me, but palaging sold out the light brown one :(


Kittykatmiyaw said...

This was the only shade available so i had no choice. It would have been better if i could compare it with other shades.

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