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Monday, July 8, 2013

Sophie Martin Lipstick in Caramel Sugar

A friend of mine sent me a catalog of Sophie Martin (they got nice bags by the way, but I didn't order as I don't need one at the moment, trying to limit my shopping itch).  While browsing through the pages, I saw the lipsticks.  I have read a lot of nice reviews about them and decided to purchase three - Velvet Nude, Caramel Sugar and Mango - - - (something, the name escapes me this time sorry).  It costs 79 pesos each.  However, only one was sent to me, as the others were out of stock.

I got Caramel Sugar

It is a nice nude lip color, perfect for everyday wear.  The color doesn't wash me out.  It also has a somewhat chocolately scent.  The only downside, after prolonged wear it tends to settle into the lines of my lips.

So will I repurchase?  No.  My friend informed me that the two other lipsticks I've ordered are now in stock and she will just send it to me.  I will do another review again when I receive those.   I hope those two will be better (and not settle on the lines of my lips).


Rae A. said...

You should check out sophie koshize matte lipsticks, they call it satin lips. They're great.

Kittykatmiyaw said...

I saw that, sayang I should have bought those instead. Next time naman, minimum of three lipsticks lang ako.

Sally Mae said...

thanks for the review. Sayang, I like the color of this lipstick.

Kittykatmiyaw said...

Yes nice pa naman ng color.

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