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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Epic Awesomeness Award

I have just been awarded by Mommy K of mommykristineskorner the Epic Awesomeness Award.  I really appreciate it, a perfect upper and spirit lifter.  Upon reading her blog, I learned that Mommy K is a teacher – I love teachers as my mom is one (school principal when she retired).  Hats off you to Mommy K as I know how demanding your job can be and yet still finding balance between work and family!

As for the award, hmm, I hope I deserve this cause I’m a really boring person and I lead a boring life (hehe).  Here goes …

In accepting this award, just do the following:
1.  Display this logo,
2.  Link back to the awesome person who gave you the award,
3.  Share 10 things about yourself,
4.  Nominate up to 10 other bloggers,

10 Awesome Things About Me:

10.      I am fiercely loyal.  When I love and like someone or something I don’t let go.

9.        After all my experiences and what I’ve been through, beneath this soft exterior, I can say that I am a strong person.

8.        I am a kid at heart (though a bit childish at times).

7.              I am a very simple person.  I have simple tastes, I love all things simple, and I live simply.

6.              I love the beach (and dreams of having a beach house someday).

5.              I love to laugh (and one can easily make me laugh, I laugh even at the corniest of jokes, try me).

4.              I’m trying to stay healthy getting enough rest, exercise and trying to eat healthily (lifestyle modification as my doctor said).

3.              I love my family so much.  I consider them my sunshine most especially during the darkest moment of my life.  P.S. I consider my friends as my family, though I don’t have that many friends, those who stuck with me through thick and thin – I’ve considered them family already.

2.              I’m madly in love with my Jellybelly!

1.              I am forever thankful and grateful for my life, trying to live and take things as they come! (Amen).  My mantra now, “too blessed to be stressed.”

I nominate you – yes, to anyone who reads and wish to do this post (just don’t forget to link back hmkay?).  I believe we are all epically awesome!!!

Thanks again Mommy K!


Kristine Omaan said...

I have read about what you've been through. I love your resilient spirit. And I love the beach, too.
Your so welcome! :)

Kittykatmiyaw said...

Thanks :)

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