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Saturday, August 3, 2013

100% Juice

I have a confession to make, I miss drinking SODA big time.  I crave miss that fizzy pop goodness and sugar high sodas give.  It's something my doctors told me to avoid at all cost.  In order for me to really kick the habit, I've tried very hard to look for alternatives.  I've tried juicing, but it was such a tedious, time consuming process that I would just rather eat the fruit right away.  Those ready to drink ones available are too sugary and bad for me as well.  Some were just, too sour.  The organic ones tasted herbally to me (sorry!).

During our weekly grocery trips, I've chanced upon this brand of juice and bought the small tetra pack ones.  I liked the taste and bought the full sized ones.

Ceres 100% juice in Apple, Red Grape, Cranberry and Kiwi.

Its claim - 100% fruit juice, natural juice of selected fruit.  A source of Vitamin C.  No sugar added.  No preservatives.  A product of South Africa.

I like that it says, no added sugar.  Making it good for those who watches their sugar intake.

This is the apple juice, has a nice amber color.  This is Jellybelly's favorite.  Mine is the red grape, the flavor is close enough to the real thing and has a nice purply color.  We don't care much about the kiwi and cranberry.

If ever I get tired of drinking my juice, something that's also made of fruits, I'll drink this instead . . .

Just kidding!!! (this was the wedding favor from my cousin's wedding).


Shayne said...

hahaha nice catch in the end :) surprisingly enough i just found the same juice in our freezer awhile ago, wasnt familiar with this brand i guess my dad bought one to try it :D

Kittykatmiyaw said...

glad to make you laugh :)

Shee of My Dolce Vita said...

Oh, good find, no sugar! :D
I'll try it next time I go grocery shopping. xx

Kittykatmiyaw said...

I hope you'll give it a try. P.S. Try also the orange one, it sure tastes like the real thing :)

MVESblog - Yania said...

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