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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Basic Makeup Tools

With nothing much to do for the past few days because of the monsoon rains, I had the chance to sort out my stuff.  I do own a few makeup brushes - nothing grand.  Once in a while I get to practice my, uhmm mediocre makeup application skills, hah!  When I attended my cousin's wedding, I decided to do my own hair and makeup, hopefully I didn't look like a clown in the pictures.  I figured it was time to show off what I've been practicing all along, thanks to YouTube gurus - that and I was trying to save PPP for my kikay fund, harhar!

Of course, nothing beats clean fingers when applying makeup, but having a few brushes will come in handy(hehe) as well.

To keep off dirt, I store them in a clear zip top plastic envelope, which I sanitize always with alcohol.

Pink eyelash curler and pencil sharpener from The Face Shop, which I had for years.  It curls pretty well and fits my eyes, doesn't pinch.

Face brushes:
Etude House Dual fiber brush - I got two, one to blend and the other as a spare - haha.  When I'm lazy I just use this brush for foundation, powder, blush and for blending - multipurpose.

Etude House Foundation brush - It sheers out the foundation, which I like, so you can layer on without looking like a geisha (no offense).

Clinique Blush Brush - the other end is for contour, the other for regular blush application.  This brush I had on for years, a freebie.

My "tall" eyebrushes:

Fashion 21 eyeshadow brush - good for giving a wash of color on the eyelids.

Ever Bilena - good for packing in the eye shadow color, or sometimes since it's quite pointy, i use this to line my eyes.

Elf Blending Brush - Pfffttt! never mind, so scratchy that I don't use this.

Vintage Estee Lauder Brush - fits my eyelids, good for blending - this one mysteriously disappeared from my mom's kit and found it's home in mine.

The "cream" brushes:

Life & Companion Brushes - I had these for years already, used as crease brush.

Estee Lauder Brush - another eyeshadow brush, can be used for blending since its fluffy.  Another brush I "borrowed" from my mom.

The "black" eye brushes:

Paganini Angled Eyeshadow Brush - used to sweep color (I like to use this one on lazy days).

Generic Brow Shader, Countour Shader, Dome Shaped brush

Brow Brush and Comb - for well groomed eyebrows, can also be used to remove clumps on eyelashes from mascara.

My vintage Caboodles, where I keep all my makeup.  This one I had since college days.

It has two "trays" on top which you could swing sideways to reveal the bottom part.  If you notice, I have an old tube of Sugary Baby Pink Ink, I don't want to throw it away for me not to forget this brand.  It's one of the best lip and cheek tint in my opinion.  It has long been empty. 

The messy bottom part.

Some of my brushes are really old.  Thankfully, they haven't shed and still retained their shape.  I take care of them by giving them a good wash using baby shampoo, either Johnson's or Nivea. 

That's about it.  Thanks for reading lovelies!


Claire P said...

Cute make up kit :)

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Salamat talaga Sis Claire, God bless your beautiful spirit!

Sally Mae said...

parang bago parin yung kit mo sis! at ang dami mong brushes. nice :)

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Sis Sally, minsan ko lang sila gamitin kasi kakatamad mag linis hehe. Most used yung dual fiber brush.

anne_22 said...

OMG! i used to have that Caboodles kikay kit!!! Now I wonder asan na sya.. :/

Kittykat Miyaw said...

matibay yung Caboodles, as in college days pa ako, won't tell how long na kasi super old na ako.

Rae A. said...

Ang scratchy nga nung mga elf na white handle. Ang meron ako yung prang flat eyeshadow brush na pang lay-on ng color. Medyo scratchy pero since di naman talaga sya pang-blending, keri na din. Ok yung studio line (black handle)

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Yes Rae, so scratchy i never used it na. I think nagimprove yung brushes nila ngayon, the black brushes nila.

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