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Friday, August 2, 2013

Liebster Award !!!

I have been nominated by Queenofallyousee for a Liebster award.  Thank you so much for considering me.  I so love these awards.  I feel you would get to know me better.

You give a Liebster Award to bloggers whom you think deserves to have more readers because you appreciate their blog.  You must link back to the person who nominated you. You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.  You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award with under 200 followers.  You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.  You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.

1.  Describe your blog in one word.  *Random.

2.  When and why did you first decide to start your blog?  *I started blogging February 2013.  To be honest, it was created out of boredom really, then I started liking it and opening up as I get to interact with lovely, bright ladies out there.

3.  Who are your favorite bloggers / vloggers and why do you love them?  *I have a lot of favorites for fashion, food, makeup, travel, lifestyle etc. so I cant really pinpoint exactly who.  Basta, I like everyone I follow and I love their posts because I know how they took time out of their busy schedules to give reviews, stories, etc. and inspire a lot of people.

4.  Do you like Thor a.k.a. Chris Helmsworth?  *Err, sorry no.

5.  What is your favorite high end and low end make up brand?  *For high end, I like Clinique for their lipsticks (blushing nude and tender heart) and mascara (doesn’t sting my eyes).  Low end, Ever Bilena lip and cheek tint and oh, I also like Nichido pencil concealer (note to self, must do a review soon).

6.  What boosts your self-confidence?  *The thought that everyone is not perfect, I guess, haha.

7.  What's in your makeup bag right now?  *I have learned how to edit, now it contains my wet wipes, tissues, alcohol, ZA powder, Ever Bilena lip and cheek tint, Nichido pencil concealer, Smith Rosebud lip salve, Clinique mascara, comb and mirror.

8.  What is your beauty philosophy?  *Less is more.

9.  If someone gave you a million dollars, what would be the first single item you will buy with it?  *US visa application (yes you have to buy/pay for it) for me and Jellybelly so that we can see our families and go shopping and travel with them (I really wish!).

10.  Suddenly there's a zombie invading your room, the first object you see on your right is your weapon, what is it?  *My screwdriver.  Oh goodie, just perfect!

I am nominating:

... and I am tagging anybody (yes YOU) who reads my blog with less than 200 followers.  Sorry, I don’t want to force myself on anybody, I know how busy everyone is (that’s just me).

Now for the questions:
1.  Describe your blog in one word?
2.  What makes you happy?
3.  If there’s one thing you would like to change/enhance physically, what would be it and why?
4.  Who’s your fashion icon?
5.  What’s your favorite movie of all time?
6.  If you have all the time and unlimited funds, where would be your next travel destination and who is that one person you would travel with?
7.  Aside from family, who makes you happy right now?
8.  Heels or flats?
9.  When was the last time you cried?
10.  If a chance upon a fairy, what would be your three wishes?

Once again thanks for this award, so honored.


Shayne said...

yay thanks for joining the tag! :) btw tender heart was my favorite lipstick when i was in high school :D we were not allowed to wear lipstick back then so i just borrowed my moms lipstick from time to time. do they still have it on their collection? last times i checked its always sold out :(

Kittykatmiyaw said...

Thanks for giving me the award. Yes i believe it is still available, but not sure if they have it here as my sister sends them over to me.

Kristine Omaan said...

Thank you, Kat. I already did a post about Liebster and receiving another is such an honor. 3 wishes? Hmmm... my dream house, travel with hubby and unlimited shopping money! Simple lang pangarap ko noh. Thanks again!

Kittykatmiyaw said...

Ok Mommy K, no worries!

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