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Friday, September 20, 2013

BB Cream Craze

I joined in on the BB craze.  Actually, this is not the first BB cream I've tried.  The first one I got was Etude's  BB cream, but it broke me out and from then on, I avoided BB creams like the plague.  Bought this around three weeks ago and road tested it before giving a review.

ZA 12-in-1 Total Hydration BB Cream UV White

I was hesitant to buy this because I was on the lookout for concealers.  This was an impulse buy from Watsons, priced at 425 pesos.

Their claim:  Formulated with:  Double whitening complex, oil control powder, and color control powder.
-Brightens your skin tone in 10 days.
-Non-sticky finish to make make-up last for long hours.
-Corrects skin color and gives an even looking finish without patchiness.
-SPF 50+ PA+++ firmly protect skin against UVA&UVB rays damage.

Only one shade available - BRIGHT

A small sized tube with 20 g of product.

Directions:  Smooth an appropriate amount over your face with your fingertips - I agree!

Nozzle tip applicator is great, no mess, very hygienic and you can control the amount of product.

Swatch.  I only need this amount for my whole face.

Spreads evenly and easily absorbed.

-This product is a good base with just one layer.
-Very mild floral scent.
-It spreads evenly and gives a bit of oil control (I usually oil up in 3 hours, but not with this one).
-Evens out skin tone.
-It works best with face powder to set it and gives a glowy and dewy finish.
-It does not feel sticky at all.
-No untoward skin reaction.
-This looks good in person, but not in photos as it can give a white cast (I tried it and I looked like a ghost)
-Only one shade available, won't suit most skin tones.
-Can't cover blemishes.
-I didn't notice the "whitening/brightening" effect.
-Expensive for 20 g of product.

All in all, I can say that this product just works as a tinted sunblock.  That's it.  I won't repurchase and I regret buying this, I should have bought their concealer.  I am just finishing up the tube then I will buy the concealer.


Rae A. said...

Did they put an ingredients list sa label? Wala syang info on the active sun protection ingredients. Parang ok na ito sakin as a sunblock. I long gave up on bb creams as an all in one product

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Yes, meron Rae sa side ng plastic container nya, but too fine na yung print gusto ko sana i-type but naduduling ako, sorry. For me parang tinted sunblock/moisturizer lang sya, nothing special. Yun lang super white cast sa pics.

Kristine Omaan said...

12 in 1 bb cream? Hmm... parang too good to be true yata sis. Medyo mahal din.
I have a "bb magic balm" that my sister gave me. It broke me out too. Im still on the look out for the "best" bb cream.:)

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Hiyangan nga siguro. It doesn't help pa na most BB creams are so pricey, sayang ang money. Oohh, sis meron na rin palang CC cream they say it's better daw.

Jocris Mangubat said...

awts,,ang expensive naman sis,for that small tub.. hmmm.I've only tested 1BB cream too,from Tupperware^^

Kittykat Miyaw said...

I have now come into conclusion that BB creams are not for me, sayang ang money. Sana talaga concealer na lang binili ko, tsk, tsk.

Sally Mae said...

i also am not into BB creams. lagi din ako mukhang ghost pag yun ang gamit ko kaya tinigil ko na :) (tried maybelline's bb cream before)

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Sally, that's so true, nagmumukhang ghost talaga. Ok naman sana si ZA siguro if they have other shades suited for Pinays kaso one shade lang na super puti.

Claire P said...

Me too, BB creams are not meant for my face, lol! Tingin ko it's because of the SPF kaya nakaka mukhang mumu sakin :) Looking forward for more reviews from you sis. Thanks!

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Claire, mukhang mumu tapos nabutasan pa bulsa ko, I've learned my lesson, wag ipilit, hahah!

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