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Monday, September 16, 2013

SM Mall of Asia Date and OOTD#2

Jellybean and I braved the rains last Saturday to catch the 3-day sale at SM Mall of Asia.  We went there after lunch and the traffic was so bad.  I did not shop much cause I got dizzy, I get dizzy in crowds.  So, I only bought one top at Forever21 and a shirt for Jellybean, and one necklace, all on sale.  It was actually Jellybean who was a happy camper as he scored shirts on sale from Uniqlo, his favorite store now, haha - when we had to pay, the line to the cashier was too long. 

After going around Mall of Asia, since it's our date, we had dinner at

This resto was not crowded so, we decided to dine here.

We both ordered Beef pepper rice (Jellybean's upgraded).  We've dined here before and always my opinion of their food is that honestly, it's not that extraordinary.  It's just okay and I think it is quite expensive for a few strips of beef and a cup of rice.  What makes it okay is the honey brown sauce and the excitement of "mixing" and cooking the food on a hot plate, but that's just me as Jellybean likes their shake salad, miso soup and steaks which he had tried before. 

I had a sudden craving for milk tea and had one at

We shared a large sized pearl milk tea (50% sugar).  It was supposed to be wintermelon tea, but Jellybean got confused.

We walked around some more and reached the skating rink.

They were already playing Christmas songs!

Naturally, I had to pose and have my OOTD and have it as my backdrop.

Wore my
Forever 21 denim vest
Camisole (79 pesos from Forever21 sale)
Jeggings from the Landmark
Old skimmers from Keds
Silver cuff from Forever21 and Timex watch
Liz Claiborne bag

Jellybean calls this look, Punky Brewster look - yes kids, we're old.  I don't know if you guys know who Punky Brewster is, hahah.

This date was a blast.  We had fun even if it was raining.  Yes, we also held hands while walking, sweet!  :)


Claire P said...

Sweet! :) I love your shoes, skimmers pala tawag dyan :) Nice OOTD!

Sally Mae said...

i was also there last saturday but i was busy with the basketball game i didn't have time to check the sale :(

ganda pala talaga ng jacket sis! and yey 2 ootd posts na :)

Jocris Mangubat said...

Wow,, Nice and simple outfit..I sometimes wear the same way.. hahahaha... Comfy kaya... and yes,Saturday was really traffic day and yet sobrang crowded sa mall cos of Sale..

Kristine Omaan said...

Sweet! *Kilig 100x*
Saya naman ng weekend nyo sis. Inggit much ako. Wala kasing f21 at Uniqlo dito sa CDO. :)
2nd na to. Here's to more OOTDs!:)

Rei San said...

Sis, I know who Punky Brewster is! lol
Btw, we love Pepper Lunch but I do agree with you that the food there is not extraordinary. Its basically a hot meal that makes the tummy happy. :)

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Thanks Claire, those were old shoes as in nalimot sa baul, good thing though cause it kept my feet dry as it was raining.

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Sally, sayang nagkita sana tayo, hehe! So did La Salle win anything?

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Jocris, it was very comfy indeed, not to warm not to chilly.

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Mareng K, we had fun, lalo na si Jellybean kasi hindi ako masyado nagshopping. If ever pupunta ka ng Manila, sabihan mo ko, i would gladly accompany you.

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Finally Sis Rei San/Kitchen Goddess, somebody who knows Punky Brewster! So happy! I miss those days.

Nicole said...

I love the layout :) Sweet story! I am also on GFC as anorby1988

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Thank you Nicole for dropping by. I would want to add you but can't seem to find the GFC button on your blog.

Shayne said...

i wanna go skate too!! :) btw sis i share the same opinion with pepper lunch. its not bad but not great either and a bit expensive for what they offer :)

Kittykat Miyaw said...

I want to try skating, but I'm afraid I might hurt myself cause I'm clumsy, haha.

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