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Friday, September 13, 2013

Working at Home

Yes, I have been working at home for nearly 11 years now.  It may sound easy because of the relaxed atmosphere, but really it is not a walk in the park.  To those who are planning on working at home and to those who are starting out, let me share to you my experience and some tips/advice.

Traits Needed for Working at Home:
1.  Discipline:  If working in the office gives distraction, well at home there are a million of them.  The first time I worked at home, transitioning from office to home, my major distraction was the internet and my warm bed.  I browsed and slept all day for a week.  Just focus and alot time for work, when you are most productive, but also do not forget to give time for your self.  Key word:  Time Management!
2.  Independence:  Remember you are a one-man band, meaning you are the tech support - for computer problems, accountant - keeping tract of invoice, in my case the transcriptionist/editor/QA amongst other things.  You have to work it out on your own.  Google will be your best friend.
3.  Good communication skills:  Not only because you are the one directly talking to clients and answering e-mails, but most of all you should know also how to voice out and reason out.
4.  Dependable:  You have to be responsible enough to meet the turn around time so that clients will trust you.  In this kind of work trust is very important. 

Perks of Working at Home:
1.  Less stressful environment/quiet environment - Hey, you can work at the confines of your own home wearing your PJs if you want.  No need to wake up early.  No need to travel.  No pesky/gossipy officemates.  No traffic.
2.  More productive - Since it cuts on travel time, you can do more.
3.  You can actually save on gas, clothing allowance, travel time and save your sanity, haha.
4.  More time with the family - no explanation needed.

Advice I can Give:
1.  Before accepting that home office job, make sure that it's the lifestyle you want.  If you are a very sociable person, I don't think it's tailored for you as you would be in the house 24/7 with only your family around.  It might get too boring for you.
2.  Make sure that the company you would be working for is reputable enough.  Ask around first, better if you know someone so that you can ask insightful questions - how much is the pay, do they pay on time, is if a full time job, what are their terms, etc.
3.  Always have a backup.  What if the internet suddenly disconnected, what about your computer going bonkers, what if there is no ELECTRICITY!!  It helps if you have an extra laptop and internet connection.
4.  I know it's tempting to work all the time especially if you love the job, but you should give time for yourself.  Have enough rest and exercise.
5.  This is important - do not let yourself go!  Meaning take time also to fix yourself, put on powder or lipstick for all I care.  We don't want to be old hags right?  There are also times when you have to video chat with your boss so it's better to look presentable.
6.  Just enjoy and love what you are doing!

I hope this helps.  To those who are considering working at home, good luck and have fun!  Just to give a clearer picture, this is how Jellybean and I look like, see picture below :)

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Shayne said...

i agree sis, i used to work at home too and i actually want to keep working at home for the rest of my life haha. but the biggest challenge like you said is discpline. bec you are your own boss. you must be a really talented and skilled worker. only a few people can do this excellently and from what you wrote mukang napagisipan and na-master mo na sya ^^

Kittykat Miyaw said...

For 11 years i am my own boss so i thank God for it talaga cause it will be hard for me to transition if I will go back in a regular office setting.

Miss `Chievous said...

Thanks for the tips. I dreamed of being a WAHM too. But let's see. ;) Office girl muna ako now that I'm single

Claire P said...

I want to work at home too someday. Thanks for the tips :)

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Sis Miss'Chievous, yes enjoy the outside world muna while you're still single ;)

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Claire, no problem ;)

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