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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Going Loco Over Coco

Nope, sorry Darling Divas, this is not about Coco Martin, hehe!  I'm loco over the original coco, coconut that is.  I want to share a cheap and readily available beauty trick I've been using for years already.

Tadah! Virgin coconut oil - achieved by using fresh coconut meat without the use of chemicals or high heating to refine it, thus producing natural, pure coconut oil that is more stable.  I use Carica and ProSource.  I buy both at Mercury Drugstore, though Carica sometimes has a free-standing booth in malls.  I keep one near my dresser and the other one near my computer, so I have one within reach all the time.

I'm trying to go raw and organic, so here are some ways you could use this wonder oil:

1.  Hair -
As a deep conditioner, use a tablespoon or more (depending on the thickness of your hair) and massage into the roots and scalp, then use a shower cap and leave on for 5-10 minutes, shampoo and rinse well.  Do this once a week.

For everyday wear, I have frizzy, wavy hair, so after towel drying my hair, while it is still damp, rub a little in your palms and apply this by running the fingers into the hair (don't go all the way to your scalp as it will weigh the hair down) and voila, tamed hair in an instant! 

2.  Skin - Don't be turned off, as the oil doesn't give off a strong coconut-y scent, in fact it is pleasant and light.  Surprisingly, it is not that greasy as it easily sinks and is absorbed really well upon application.

Make Up Remover - very effective, removes even waterproof mascara.  Just try to wash off afterwards if you don't like oil sitting in your face.

Body Moisturizer - Now that the weather is more forgiving, meaning cooler months, I use this to moisturize my hands, elbows, knees and feet or other areas that tend to get dry (I now use this all over my arms and legs to replace my lotion).  The result - more supple skin and softer cuticles.

Massage - Makes massage more pleasant and relaxing.

Bug bites - Good way to soothe the itch, just dab to affected area.

3.  Digestion - Okay, so this was advised by my surgeon.  Ask your doctor first.
After I had my surgery, I was constipated.  My doctor advised me to drink 3 tablespoons and then drink a lot of water.  After a few hours, I was able to go to the bathroom - okay TOO MUCH INFO.  I don't to this any more, it's yucky and very hard to swallow.

For reference, I use this amount to tame my hair everyday.  Double this amount is good for moisturizing the legs.  This amount is good for both arms as well.  Just use sparingly, you don't want to be slick and be a greaseball, right?

Gosh, all this talk is making me thirsty.

Good thing I have my Tropicana Coco Quench with me, though not as good as the real thing, but this will do for now :)


Jocris Mangubat said...

ahahahahaha... I've tried the green one before sis,, I also did drinking it,at first shocks.. ang hirap lunukin..i really have to drink water right after it.. well, for me I just tried it lang since ang dami ko kasi nabasa before na VCO is good for your health.

Kristine Omaan said...

Ive been using VCO for my curly hair too. I tried gulping a tablespoon one day.So yucky! Hindi na ako umulit pa.:)
My VCO was produced by local farmer here in our province. An alternative livelihood for them. 250ml for 150php only.:)

Claire P said...

I've been using this for my hair for a long time now. It helps with my skin/scalp allergies, ganda pa sa hair :)

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Jocris, yes they say drinking VCO is good for the health, but i really can't tolerate it, talagang hirap lunukin diba, haha!

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Ay, so nice naman that you get to buy directly plus it helps others pa. Haha, talagang yucky to gulp VCO, never again!

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Claire, you are right! It really is nice sa hair and skin :)

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