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Monday, November 18, 2013

Blogapalooza Experience and Fundate

I first saw the invite through blogs that I frequent.  I was hesitant to sign up at first, but I said, what the hey, it would be a chance to meet up with future sponsors (hint, hint) and also a chance to meet bloggers.  Last Saturday, off I went to SM Aura.  I was over myself and was so excited.  Before going there though, Christine agreed that we meet up.  I got there at 3:00 p.m.

So here's what happened in pictures -

Met Christine at the entrance/registration area.

Saw Venus

And lookie here, why its Nathalie, Sally and of course Christine.

Going around became more fun x4!! The place was packed with bloggers and sponsors!

Here's Venus at the BYS booth.

Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass


Toys from RichPrime

Meister Watch

NY Theraspine

Lulu Nails - You know how I love manis and pedis, I wish I could've tried this, but the wait was too long

Plato Wraps

Gavino's Japanese Donuts

Congo Grille

Boys Night Out - sorry for the blurred pic

Chooks and Easter

Did I say the place was packed? Yes, so many bloggers in one room and generous sponsors who gave out freebies and food, food, food.

After going around, we have decided to get coffee and have a little chit-chat.  We sure had a lot of fun and it was nice knowing these lovely ladies on a more personal level.  They're so pretty, nice, bright, young, intelligent, warm, honest, delightful (oh, I'm running out of adjectives here) and so much more!  It surely made the event more interesting.  Until the next event ladies!

Thank you and good job Vince Golangco, Francis Simisim and Anton Diaz for coming up with an awesomesauce event!!!

P.s. To the lovely ladies, if you want to grab the pics you may do so, just don't forget to link back so I could also read your post, okie dokie!


Jocris Mangubat said...

Hooray talaga to sis..see you next time sis,, and our chit chat time was an indeed really fun,, ang lakas ko tumawa kaloka ..

Nathalie said...

It was really nice meeting you sis! ^_^

I think I look better in your photos than in mine. Lol. Oh well.

Btw, did you find your wallet?

Jhanz A. said...

Ang saya! :D Wooo sana may kasama din ako nag gagala sa blogapalooza. :(

chemistandproud said...

I'm so inggit... Sana next time makasama na ako. :-)

Venus Emma said...

Yeah, were you able to find your wallet? Btw, as mentioned, I'm borrowing your photos but worry not as I'll be doing proper linkage :) Thanks!

Kristine Omaan said...

Ang saya naman sis! I wish I was there especially sa coffee talk nyo. I can imagine the fun! Maybe next time...

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Christine, okay lang yun ako din lakas ng tawa ko!

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Nathalie, if you want to use the pics, go ahead and it was a pleasure meeting you!

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Jhanz, next time sama sama tayo! the more the merrier!

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Venus, it's ok you can grab the pics. As for my wallet, i will do a post about it, ang bidang wallet, haha

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Kristine, you know what, i really wish you were there. Anyway, naalala ka namin, most especially your Papel de Liha post :)

Kittykat Miyaw said...

^^Chemist and proud, there's always a next time :)

Sally Mae said...

hi sis! ganda ng mga photos! sobrang happy na nameet ko kayo that day. salamat at hanggang sa susunod na event :)

Kristine Omaan said...

Really! Naku, touch naman ako. Maluha-luha ako sa tuwa, promise. Kahit wala ako dun, nasali pala ako sa usapan. Thanks,sis! Really praying I will be there next time. ;)

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Sally, me too I'm so happy. Yes, until next event just let me know!

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Kristine, it will happen I know magkikita din tayo!

Mom On Duty said...

Went there too! I was with my 2-year old so I didn't stay long. It was nice, noh? I hope they have more events like this where bloggers can meet each other and possible blog partners.

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Mom On Duty, yes i do wish they have more events like this, will visit your blog in a bit :)

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