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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Festive Holiday Nails!

This year, as I was really swamped with work, I decided not to bring out the Christmas tree and trimmings.  I just asked Jellybean to hang the lantern and some lights.  Well, okay, to be honest, I was just too lazy and tired from work, haha, that's our secret! 

Anyway, since the house is lacking in holiday cheer, and I am not a Grinch (I love Christmas!), I decided to do a festive nail mani for some holiday spirit.

Nothing spells H-O-L-I-D-A-Y-S without a good dose of GLITTERS, glitters and more glitters!!!  It's a perfect excuse to wear sparkles on your nails without looking ditzy and gaudy!  You have seen this polish before here.  It is from The Face Shop, this is in the shade of BR802.  This goes well with ANY outfit you've planned for any party/festivities, instant GLAM-BAM! 

Okay, be ready for full on sparkly glittery nails

I'm so loving the bright pink flower, best backdrop ever, don't you think?

Couldn't resist using this lovely butterfly ring from Forever21, teehee!

I received a couple of compliments with this mani. In my own little way, I hope I've spread a bit of cheer and holiday fun.  Oh, and it tickled me pink when I saw Carrie Bradshaw (Carrie Diaries) sporting the same mani.  I hope you can tell from the pic.

So, I say, Deck your nails with lots of glitters, falalalala lala la la (sorry can't help it).  Try it and have fun!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas 2013

Hello there Darling Divas!  Sorry for the long absence.  Every year I have been praying for a stress-free Christmas.  The past few days had been a whirlwind for me, what with all the prep, last minute shopping, gifts to be wrapped, add to that the increase work load because the holidays are coming, I barely had time for Jellybean, let alone myself.

I'm so tired and grouchy, don't want to end up as the Grinch who stole Christmas.

I know all the small things like buying gifts, parties, preparations and all that is not the real essence of Christmas.  I hope we all take time to ponder on the real meaning of Christmas.

Every year, I always expect gifts (yeah!).  This year, though is quite different.  May be I'm getting old (GASP).  Believe it or not, I feel Christmas everyday, I see his blessings and presents everyday.  God has given me my life and that is really something worth celebrating everyday and not just on Christmas.  I come to realize that yes, gifts are important if you're the giver and not just on the receiving end always.  It might not be a big gift or an expensive one, but something that is really coming from the heart, even a small sincere prayer would do.  Also, Christmas is more special if shared with family, I terribly miss my mom, dad, sister, niece, nephew and brother in law, BUT knowing they are healthy and happy makes me happy too, another blessing :)

God has blessed me to have you, my online friends and from the bottom of my heart, I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.  God bless you more - that is my wish for all of you!

And, this is my secret wish to have more quality time with the one I truly love!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Life's Simple Pleasures

Hello Divas! I missed you all!

I have been so busy, busy, busy mostly work related, but I'm not complaining. Work is actually a blessing, agree?

Okay, so I am adding a new "label" here in my blog and it is - - - "Jellybean-approved."  You see, he reads my blog from time to time and I was so surprised when one day he asked me, why am I not blogging, haha!  He's very adventurous when it comes to food (except vegetables, haha!).  He likes trying out mostly kiddie cookies, candies and the likes, sometimes he asks me to blog about the treats he had tried, which I will in my future posts.  Ever wonder why I call him such?  I coined it after our favorite candy, Jelly Belly Jellybeans.

Moving on . . .

Remeber this post I Heart Mochi? The generous guys from Regent contacted me and sent over a bunch of yummy treats! Yey, for gifts.  It truly made my day!

Bagfull of goodies

I think the bag contains new products from Regent and this includes . . .

Belgian waffle

One pack contains 10 packs of individually wrapped waffles.  It is not too sweet so I think it goes well with marmalades, jams, Nutella, peanut butter, jellies, top it off with your favorite fluits like strawberries, bananas, etc. but it can be eaten on its own and it makes a very filling snack.

You all know Mochi right.  So, another product is the Fruits-n-Creme.  It is a chewy milk candy with jelly center with different flavors - grapes, corn, apple, peach, pineapple, strawberry, watermelon and ube.

My favorite is the watermelon.

Ikasen squid flavored snack and Yasai vegetable flavored snack.

Jellybean approves this spicy Ikasen squid snack.

Makes a good dessert spread/station for parties don't you think?

These are all Jellybean - approved!  Thank you Regent!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Silver Linings (BYS loot)

We all have gone through a lot of tough times and not so good times in our life one way or the other.  It may be a bad breakup, failures, broken promises, illness, material loss, etc.  We feel sad and down, yes, but we have to get up, brush the dust and move on.  Hold on to that ray of hope that things will be better.  Never look at the dark clouds, instead look at that silver lining!

"You have to do everything you can.  You have to work your hardest, and if you stay positive, you have a shot at a silver lining."

Because I am trying to stay positive and want to remember that there is always a silver lining, this is a "silver lining" inspired mani.  BYS Cosmetics was so generous enough to give out a sample of their nail art lacquer at the Blogapalooza.

I got to try out Mirror Silver (031), which retails for 249 pesos.  The thin brush gives better control and precision for your nail art as it glides easily and smoothly.  The best part is that it's quick drying and free of formaldehyde.

Now for the mani, you will need a light blue polish for the "clouds" and BYS nail art lacquer in mirror silver  for the "silver lining."

Very easy to do the French tip and you can play around with it and do other nail art, the possibilities are endless.  The color is also perfect for the holidays :)

Look closely, you'll see the silver linings


Of course, after every rain and dark cloud comes the rainbow.  Splash of colors to give happiness and promise that things will be better.  Like the colors of the rainbow, BYS gives us a lot of choices for face, eyes, lips and nails. 


The BYS brand represents one of the most exciting ranges of cosmetics in the world today.  With its growing popularity bourne out of creative product range, its rise as one of the leading makeup brands in Australia and in the world is a testimony to its leading edge development, exceptional quality and value for money.

BYS is proof that it is possible to produce world-class products without the exorbitant price tags. Designed and developed in Melbourne, Australia and distributed globally, BYS is designed to capture the hearts of females of all ages - regardless of age, skin color, or race -- with products that does not just simply follow trends, but sets the bar as a leading purveyor of beauty and style.

With a strong emphasis on fun and fashion, with its strong, sophisticated black styling, BYS fills the void fror trendy, exciting, good quality and great value cosmetics -- over 1000 products and growing -- that everyone can afford.

BYS continues to expand globally with strategic partners that share the same philosophy and vision.

Now available exclusively in SM department stores and selected Watson's outlets.

A little color to liven things up, after all . . .

p.s. pics 1, 10, 16 are from google