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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Okay, sorry for the lame title, can't think of anything smart to say right now. My mind is still in a holidaze mode - can't believe the holidays are over and Jellybean and I had a blast on our anniversary staycation date (I will do a post on that).

I have been so lazy and sluggish the past few days, must still be under sugar coma from all the sweets I've consumed, bad!bad!bad!

Time to jumpstart my diet and exercise regimen for 2014, AND WHAT BETTER WAY AS I HAD JUST WON my first ever writing contest for the Blogapalooza event.  My entry was for the Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass!! I placed 3rd, yey and got 1000 pesos worth of gift certificate.  WOOT!! WOOT!! OH YEAH!  I went to their office in Makati to claim my prize.

After all the unhealthy food I consumed this holiday, time to detox.

With my gift certificate, I was able to get a box of Wheatgrass Herbal Drink Powder that has 2 g x 30 sachets.

If you want to learn more about wheatgrass, check out my post here - Like Momma Used to Say, Eat Your Veggies

Winning this is very timely, no more excuses for me.  I can really start the year right with the right nutrition, diet and exercise.

Thank you very much Easy Pha-Max, I LOVE MY WHEATGRASS!


Angel E. said...

wow! congrats sis!


Jocris Mangubat said...

Congratulations sis.. ^^

Rei San said...

Congrats sisLooking forward to your staycation post with your jellybeans :) -TheKitchenGoddess

Kashaya said...


Kristine Omaan said...

Yey! Congrats,sis! :)
I really need to detoxify,too.

Kristine Omaan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Belated Bloomer said...

Congrats girl! :D

Christine ♥ CHRiiSSYDOLLXO said...

Oh wow, that's really great! Congrats to you. And the product you picked out is amazing. :)

Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

Jhanz A. said...

Yay! Congratulations on winning the blog challenge! Yipee! :D

Shayne ♥ said...

oooo congrats!! and i thought the title was catchy its not lame at all :)

Christine Simpao said...

I've been meaning to try this, but am afraid that the taste would be BLEEEEH. How is it so far? :D



Style and Glow said...

Congrats, sis.

Sally Mae said...

nice! ganda naman ng bungad ng 2014 :) congratulations sis!

Kittykat Miyaw said...

Thank you all! Try it too. I will have to say, for first time drinkers, it's best to drink/mix it with your favorite juice. Just think of all the benefits it will give you, wink! wink!

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