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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dry Skin Woes

Late December and January, we had super sweater weather.  It was actually cool! What's not so cool, my skin getting dry, drier than the Gobi desert, not a pretty sight I tell you.

To vanquish my dry skin woes, I tried to think of the causes first (and try to brush up on what anatomy I learned way back when, hahah).  It could be the cold weather sucking in the moisture from my skin.  Age is another factor, yes ladies I'm a dinosaur, a relic - could be that my skin is losing its elasticity and suppleness.  Because its cold out, I might have been forgetting to hydrate myself more.  And you see I love taking hot baths, so I think that's another culprit.  It could also be because I love to exfoliate/dry brush.  A lot of reasons . . .

So what's a girl gotta do?

*CHOOSE THE RIGHT TYPE OF MOISTURIZER FOR THE RIGHT SEASON.  What's light and greaseless in the summer just won't cut it out for cooler months.  For cooler months, better try lotions/moisturizers that are oil-based to create protective layering. 

For me, I find mixing a few drops of moringga oil with my lotion to be beneficial.

I have used this lotion for a long time now, but lately it feels too light on my skin, not really doing wonders for my dry skin. This lotion is good during summer months, but not on colder months.  So in order for it to not go to waste, I try and add in a few drops of moringga oil. 

Using moringga oil alone, according to Jellybean, alleviates dry and rough skin.  There is no oily or greasy feeling as it is easily absorbed by the skin.  It smells faintly of Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea perfume.  I can also say that it relieves itchy skin and good for insect bites.  Very affordable at 99 pesos.

Now, this lotion is love - Olay Moisture Lotion with Shea Butter.  I bought this at S&R (sorry forgot the price).  I use this after shower and I feel like it is absorbed quickly providing much needed moisture on my skin.  My dry skin was cured in a week even my rough feet, no kidding!  I felt that my skin is more supple and healthier. There is a faint powdery scent, which I love.

Extra TLC should be given to areas that are more prone to dryness like your hands, elbows, feet and knees.

*LAY OFF ON THE EXFOLIATION/PEELS/SCRUBS.  I do dry brushing.  While it is good to exfoliate skin in order to get rid of dead skin cells, it is better not to overdo it as it will strip skin of essential oils needed for protection.  My skin hurt from too much brushing so I just do it twice a week instead of daily.

*TRY TEPID BATHS and keep it short and sweet.  Hot baths are great on colder weather, soothes my aching joints as well, but do you know that hot water can actually break down the lipid barrier of the skin which leads to moisture loss?  Best to use lukewarm water or water with mild comfortable warmth (as we used to say during my PT days).

I have also switched soaps.  I like using my Safeguard bar for that squeaky clean feeling, but it doesn't moisturize at all.  It leaves my skin tight, so (I know my mom will be happy about this) I've started using

Dove soaps.  Jellybean calls this soap "okra" soap.  You know that vegetable that has a slimy texture.  Yup, this soap leaves a slimy film after using it, but it's actually good.  I have come to appreciate this only now.  I now see why my mom had been lecturing me to use this soap.  It leaves my skin smooth after baths and I smell like a baby afterwards.

*HYDRATION IS KEY.  Often times when cooler weather steps in, I tend to forget to drink water.  I just don't like drinking a lot as I have to pee more often, but we have to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate to balance our bodily fluids for better circulation.  Better circulation would mean toxins would be flushed from our skin and would give good blood flow, making our skin's condition better.

*GET ENOUGH ZZZs.  Sleep is our body's natural way of healing itself.  While we sleep, our body repairs the wear and tear of the day.  Repairs and builds up collagen, which keeps our skin smooth and elastic.

*SEEK A SPECIALIST.  After changing your regimen and yet you have dry, scaly, itchy, red, plaque like patches of skin, it might be a different condition altogether, so best consult with a specialist as they will give you the best advice tailored for your needs.

That's all folks! Love the skin your in.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Attraction - A Heart's Day Mani

Love is in the air.  Happy Valentines Day Divas!

On that note, I would like to share my heart's day mani.  I know most associate Valentines with red, pink or purple even, but not me.  I wanted a mani that's perfect for holding hands.  Something neat, simple and sweet so I opted for a nude/taupe-ish one.  Something that will not distract your date, boyfriend, significant other, friends or husband.

Caress regular nail polish in Attraction.  It is the perfect nude/taupe-ish shade that will go well with any outfit in reds, purples or pinks.  A subtle hint of sexiness perhaps (?)

I used two coats here, but three would work great as well.  You have to be patient though as the formula is a bit streaky. Bought it at Landmark for 23 pesos only. 

I love the grayish-brown shade giving it a classy, elegant look.

I think it goes well with my 2-way ring.  My favorite ring at the moment.  One side is the simple one with pink stone and you just have to flip it over and it will reveal diamonds in rosita setting.

That's about it.  I hope you have a nice time this Heart's day.  And . . . special delivery, flowers from me to you!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Pits Perfect

Where did January go? Hello, its February already and I almost didn't notice.

This post is all about our pits, armpits, underarm, axilla hence the title Pits Perfect, haha - forgive me for my corny lines.  Moving on . . .

Here in our country, there is this obsession for whiter and fairer underarms.  Most women refuse to talk about it, are conscious about it or even embarrassed about it.  It can affect our choice of clothes and our confidence too.  Some would not even try on sleeveless clothes because of a whole lot of issues about their underarms - chicken skin, razor marks, wax burns, discoloration, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), etc. etc.

Sorry, I won't bother showing you pics of my axilla.  I got chicken skin and lines and lately, dryness.  Yup, my axillas have turned dry and itchy on me.  I will share below products that I have been using.

For the longest time, I have been using

Milcu Underarm and Foot Deodorant Powder - I've been a loyal user since 2005.
- all natural (potash alum and hydrated magnesium silicate)
- mild
- non-sticky
- non-darkening
- doesn't stain clothes
- no untoward smell even if I workout/have a hectic day
- doesn't clog pores
- affordable at less than 90+ pesos
- doesn't control sweat - this is not a problem for me as I let my sweat glands do its job
- messy
- lately, I'm not sure though if weather is also a factor, I have experienced dryness and itchiness.

On to my quest for a more emollient/moisturizing type of deodorant . . .

Dove Advanced Care Ultimate White
- affordable, not more than 120 pesos
- smells good
- moisturizes my pits - with omega 6 in 1/4 moisturizing cream
- 24 to 48 hour protection - yup, I've road tested this, no untoward smell
- antiperspirant
- doen't darken underarms (I haven't seen the whitening effects, though I don't have dark UA to begin with)
- chicken skin is not as marked with use
- since I chose roll-on type, it takes a couple of minutes to dry
- if you put too much, it might feel sticky
- I'm not sure of the other ingredients, but I'm sure it's not all-natural


Deonat Aloe Mineral Deodorant Spray - this is the best among the three
- alcohol free
- paraben free
- aluminum chlorohydrate free
- made of natural mineral salts
- non-sticky
- non-staining
- leaves no white residue
- contains aloe vera to help soothe and moisturize
- non-darkening
- not messy as it is in a spray bottle
- I can share this with Jellybean
- eliminates odor - Jellybean approved
- reasonably priced at 115+ pesos
- it doesn't control sweat, but I don't really mind, at least it doesn't stop your sweat glands from doing what they have to do right?

As you can see, as much as possible I really like using natural products because it doesn't cause hyperpigmentation, and if ever I have some discoloration or my pits look ruddy, I try to use

Gluta-C intense whitening, can fade away discolorations over time (not instantly) and I just use this once a day (after bathing).

And now, here are my tips to prevent hyperpigmentation:
1.  Avoid too tight clothing as it can cause friction on the skin.
2.  Gently exfoliate the pits once in a while to free your skin of gunk, but use only products that are gentle to the skin to avoid microtears, which in turn can cause hyperpigmentation.  I recommend baking soda scrubs at least once or twice a month.
3.  Whenever you have to shave be extra careful to prevent nicks and don't try dry shaving.  When waxing, test first the wax to prevent burns. When plucking, make sure the hairs are softened to prevent unecessary tugging.
4.  Moisturize your pits.
5.  Try switching deodorants.  Some ingredients might be too strong on your sensitive skin, fewer chemicals the better. Try all natural products.

I hope this helps ladies :)