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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks

Hello Darling Divas! I have been away for a long, long, long time.  I have been feeling "blah" for the last couple of months.  I hated everything about me, my weight, my skin, my hair, the weather.  Not even shopping can cheer me up.  I was just feeling so down.  I prayed a lot and thank God for family and friends who never fail to check on me and talk to me. Anyhoo, I'm feeling better now.  I have a couple of posts that should have been posted way, way back.  I promise I will post more soon.

I might have told you in my past posts that I am extremely loyal, right? For most of my life, when it comes to lipsticks, my lips have a love affair with Clinique lipsticks. I don't want to sound like a snob.  It's just that I have been hooked to it since my mom and sister swear by it and give them to me as gifts always so I never run out of stock.  Sure, my mom and sister would send over other brands, but my lips would still long for good old Clinique.  I rarely buy lipsticks with my own money and when I do, I often times regret the purchase, the reasons include the following - poor color pay off, nasty scent, causes lip darkening, allergies, etc. etc.

That is until I have tried Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks.

I have read a lot of good reviews, a lot of recommendations from Pinay Beauty Gurus, used by many local magicians  makeup artists, but I was always putting it off until I said to myself its time to plunge in and try other products out there, starting off with local brands.

Yep, reasonably priced at 165 pesos at Watson's and local make-up counters.

I got Pink Flame and Siennas.

Starting off with Siennas -

It is an amazing red-brown color, something that is not an "in your face" red color, more of a my lips but better shade. Very safe, no fail shade that I think would match morenas and fair-skinned Pinays.  This is safe for work color, gives off a "conservative, good girl" look.

Next is Pink Flame

Pink Flame is a very flattering shade of pink-brown, makes one look young and brightens the face, which again will flatter morenas and fair-skinned gals alike.  Gives off a youthful fun vibe especially for summer, but would still look demure.

- Does not cause allergies, lip darkening (at least for me).
- Very affordable.
- Can be purchased at any leading department store.
- Most shades suit Filipina skin, morenas or for fair skinned gals.
- Good color payoff and good pigmentation.
- No offensive smell, though at first use there is a hint of a waxy scent, but overtime it fades.
- Staying power is quite long, unless of course you eat or drink, but even then, it leaves a slight tint to your lips.
- This brand got tons of amazing colors for you to choose from.

- As with some matte lipsticks, it can be a bit drying.  You may opt to use a lip balm (but I find that that defeats the purpose of using a matte lipstick).
-xxxx wala na ako maisip

I am a hoarder, so with the affordable price and good quality I will definitely buy other shades, may be a nude one or something corally.  I want to kick myself for discovering this only now, but as they say it's never too late, right?  Let me know if you have tried these and which ones are your favorites so that I could try them out as well.

Until then DIVAS, stay pretty and happy, mwuah!


Rae O. said...

Yey! You're back!

Francesca said...

So good to learn that you're feeling better now! :) I tried the Ever Bilena matte lipstick line and Offbeat Pink is my favorite-- it's a very wearable pink and a good dupe for MAC's Please me x

Francesca of

happymumay said...

Thanks for sharing. It's true that matte lipsticks causes dry lips, regardless of the brand. Maybe it's better if you finish it off with a lip balm to soften your lips... ;-)

Mira Shpak said...

Like reading your blog!

New tasty post about Kiev -
Instagram @mira_shpak

gcandedeir said...

Pink Flame looks good :3

Christine Uy said...

I've heard good things about that matte lipsticks, I really want to try it when I visit Philippines again! The colours are really pretty :) Thanks alot for the helpful review!

Take care always, love Christine ~ xo

JhAnEy said...

Wow! That's very affordable, I will surely buy one since I don't have a darker shade of pink yet. ;)

Kylie R. said...

Thanks for this post! Ako din, loyal sa mga "tried and tested" brands. I love MAC lipsticks and also Clinique. But since I'm a matte lipstick lover and you seem to be pleased with the Ever Bilena products, I'll go ahead and give them a try. Tama ka, medyo drying ang mga matte lipsticks. I don't apply lip balm before the lipstick. Instead, I apply it when I get home after I remove all my makeup na :)

Nathalie said...

It's been a long time.. welcome back to the blogosphere! ^_^ Both colors look nice enough for everyday wear. I have only 1 matte lipstick from Avon, the color is similar to Siennas but with a bit more orange/coral tone. And yes it can be a bit drying on the lips, so I just pat the lipstick on instead of swiping on my lips. Less drying that way.

Angel E. said...

nice colors sis! i've yet to try pink lipsticks, katakot, baka nde bagay.hehehe. i always scrub my lips then moisturize before applying matte lipsticks. i agree, super drying sya.

Ambi Page said...

i love the pink one ... its so pretty ! xx

Kashaya said...

They both look really nice.=)

MuShii said...

I hope you're feeling better now !
Have you ever tried the Sleek lipsticks ?

Lady_Myx said...

i love cheap finds too! :D i use to own a lot of ever bilena products and im a fan. though i haven't emptied a tube of lipstick yet, i stopped using it cause yes, like your verdict, it does made my lips dry so I have to apply carmex lip balm. :)

from Myxilog with Love <3

Melissa Van Roosbroeck said...

Pink Flame looks so pretty! I am definitely a lot into matte finishes at the moment. The only downside is indeed that they can be a bit drying and unforgiving.

Jean Quiambao said...

Oo nga, Ever Bilena has a lot of praises from Filipina Beauty Bloggers. I have a lot of lipsticks too at the moment...I guess I'll try their other products na lang. :)

Miss `Chievous said...

Ang cute ng swatch. Heart. Haha. Cool twist. Parati nlg kasi line. I like Ever Bilena. Affordable.

Stephanie G said...

I really need to get on of these they changed their brand name na I haven't tried out their matte lipsticks pa. HEHE, nice review :)

Katherine Unique said...

As usual phenomenal post! You are a champion!
I can see that you love what you are doing!
Thanks for posting! Love you :-*

Katherine Unique

Abby Villena said...

Thanks for posting this, sis! mura lang pala... =) buy-la rin ako laturr. ang totoo matagal ko nang gusto bumili ng lipstick, takot lang tumingin sa price. it turns out i've been looking in the wrong places. So, Watson's it is!

Jocris Mangubat said...

Welcome back sis. I also went gone to blogosphere ng mejo matagal..hhihi ^^

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